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Benton County

Benton County, formed in 1836, was named after United States Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri. The landscape of the county is gently rolling hills. The Courthouse is located on the square in Bentonville, the site of Arkansas's most significant Civil War battle at Pea Ridge. Mementos of Confederate heroes are located throughout the courthouse. The county, historically a fruit-growing center, has a diversified economy that includes agriculture, especially dairy and poultry. From the corporate headquarters of Wal-Mart, the fastest growing retail chain in America, to Little Debbie bakeries, Cooper Communities', and Bella Vista retirement community to light manufacturing, business is booming in Benton County. The population of Benton County doubled from 1950 to 1980 and at the last census (1990), had increased another 25%. Benton County's natural resources are as varied as its economy. Beaver Lake offers fishing and water recreation. Orchards and pastures, museums and art galleries, dogwood tours in the fall, arts and crafts fairs, country music, symphony concerts, and a community theater are all popular with the local people as well as visitors.

Cities in Benton County

Avoca  |  Bella Vista  |  Bentonville  |  Bethel Heights  |  Cave Springs  |  Centerton  |  Decatur  |  Elm Springs  |  Garfield  |  Gateway  |  Gentry  |  Gravette  |  Highfill  |  Little Flock  |  Lowell  |  Pea Ridge  |  Rogers  |  Siloam Springs  |  Springdale  |  Springtown  |  Sulphur Springs