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Little River County

Little River County was formed on March 5, 1867, and was named for the river forming its northern and eastern boundaries. Ashdown is the county seat. The landscape of Little River County is rolling, pine-covered hills. The economy of the county is primarily made up of timberland that has a large variety of hardwoods and rapid- growth pine timber. Agricultural activities include ranching, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, and rice. Georgia-Pacific produces paper at a high speed, rolling off more than 45 miles of sheets of paper as wide as some of the city streets. Millwood Dam located on the Little River was originally built for flood control. The average depth of the lake is eight feet with 20,000 acres of submerged timber that brings the bass fishermen from far and near. This area is home to the bald eagle and mallard ducks and also provides habitat for the American alligator. Recreational facilities for camping, swimming, and picnicking are very poplar. Rich history abounds. The Will Reed Farmhouse, a restored pioneer cabin at Alleene gives visitors a glimpse of how early settlers lived. Cerrogordo (big hill) was an Indian trading post and stop on the trail west. Spaniards mining salt deposits in the 1700's gave it the name. The county courthouse with its octagonal dome rising above the two-story red brick building houses lots of history. The courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cities in Little River County

Ashdown  |  Foreman  |  Ogden  |  Wilton  |  Winthrop