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Grant County

The first Reconstruction Legislature from territory taken from Hot Spring, Jefferson and Saline counties formed Grant County on February 4, 1869. It was named for Ulysses S. Grant who had been elected President of the United States in November 1868. The county seat is Sheridan. Grant County is a large, rural county of rolling, pine-covered hills owned by big timber companies. The pine-covered cutover land is a sanctuary for many bird species. The Saline River winds through Grant County and into the Quachita River in southern Arkansas. Fishing and hunting are extremely popular. Jenkins Ferry State Park, a Civil War battle site, features swimming, picnicking and a boat launch ramp into the Saline River. The Grant County Museum exhibits artifacts of area history going back to the Indian cultures. The Paleo Indians, the Archaic, and the Mound Builders inhabited Grant County for some time. The Caddo and the Quapaw may have hunted the area. Displaced Cherokee and Choctaw owned land there in the early 1800s. The County Courthouse is a beautiful red brick structure. Some Materials were reused from the old 1910 courthouse. The corner markers of the old building were placed in the pillars of the new structure along with a time capsule. Also preserved from the earlier courthouse is the first public clock in the county. It was hand wound and is housed in the seventy-six foot cupola and is illuminated from within at night.

Cities in Grant County

Leola  |  Poyen  |  Prattsville  |  Sheridan  |  Tull

County Facts

Population: 16,464

Contact Information

101 West Center
Sheridan, AR 72150

Phone: (870) 942-2551

Web Site: Web Site

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