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The county seat of Marion is Yellville, a town of about 1 200 people, close to the border of Missouri. It shares a high school with close by town Summit and has a turkey trot festival every October.
Yellville was founded before Arkansas was even a state of its own. The town was originally called Shawneetown but in 1836 it was renamed Yellville. The name is in honor of Archibald Yell, Arkansas second governor. According to legend Yell wanted a town named after him. So he bribed the founders of Shawneetown, with $50 to name the town after him instead. The name changed but the founders of Shawneetown/Yellville never received their money. After his death in the Mexican war, Yell got both a county and a street in Fayetteville named after him.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Shawn Lane
Recorder/Treasurer Melissa Dorsey
District Judge Jodi Carney
City Attorney Sam Pasthing
Fire Chief Steven Evans
Director Of Public Works Dennis Watkins
Council Member Maggie Davenport
Council Member Vickie Fogery
Council Member Lorna Goodwin
Council Member Clark Gustin
Council Member Layton Lee
Council Member Ken Rigmaiden

City Facts

County: Marion

Population: 1,178

Senate District: 17

House District: 99

Congressional District: 1

Classification: Second Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 647

Phone: (870) 449-6581

Fax: (870) 449-4142

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