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Williford was founded in the early 1800's. the land was originally owned by Mr William Ambrose Williford, and it is after him that the town has got its name. The town is located on the spring river and people came and settled on both sides of it. The first train passed thru Williford on October 1st, 1833 and by 1870 the community had a population of 275.
Due to the great depression in the late 1920's the quarry in Williford had to close down and so did the bank and in the spring of 1929 a horrible fire destroyed seven of Williford's businesses. The town also suffered from floods. Williford never really got back on its feet after the depression and the population today is only 63 people. Even so, Williford today has a fire department, a grocery store, a post office and a school.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Michelle Forehand
Recorder/treasurer Joan Hunnicutt
Fire Chief Bill Cossey
Council Member Christy Bettis
Council Member Isaac Forehand
Council Member Margaret Grable
Council Member Amanda Hambley

City Facts

County: Sharp

Population: 75

Senate District: 19

House District: 60

Congressional District: 1

Classification: Incorporated Town

Contact Information

P.O. Box 77

Phone: (870) 966-3660

Fax: (870) 966-3662

Second Monday


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