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A handful of families moved into the area now known as the City of Sherwood in the early 1900’s. Sherwood started out as a small farming community with no utilities or running water. By 1923 running water was piped in from three springs on the Koehler farm. In 1925 electricity became available for the community. Sherwood continued to grow over the next twenty years until its formal incorporation as a town on April 22, 1948.

The first citywide election was held on July 10, 1948, and Sherwood’s first Mayor, Recorder, and City Council were elected. Mayor Hal P. (Bob) LaCoste won in a race of three, and our first Town Council members ran unopposed from each of five wards. Sherwood elected officials but had no City budget. Ladies from the two Home Demonstration Clubs and seven girls, their parents and friends came to the rescue. At a penny a vote, $525 was raised in the First Miss Sherwood Contest. The night of the coronation, a Bingo game and the sale of cold drinks brought in another $75. The $600 raised was turned over to the Sherwood Improvement Fund to help the newly elected officials address the community’s needs.
The first Town Council meeting was held at 8:00 p.m. on July 20, 1948 in the home of the newly elected Recorder, Joe Turssell.

A special census was taken on September 27, 1948, that determined the population of the Town of Sherwood was 714. The first Town Hall was a 16-foot square Army surplus building purchased for less than $100. The Little Rock Y.M.C.A. donated a 2,760 square foot building to Sherwood to be used for a Teenage Club and other community activities. The two buildings together gave the new Town a place to meet. Another milestone was reached when Sherwood agreed to pay the
Little Rock North Heights Improvement District $1.00 per month and an average of 70 cents per month for the electricity to run each of twenty-five streetlights.

Sherwood created its own volunteer Fire Department on September 6, 1950. On September 22, 1951, the first Fire truck was housed in the Sherwood Fire Station. One long blast from a Civil Defense siren called the volunteer firemen to duty for a fire. Five fire hydrants were installed around the Town following a Resolution passed by the Council on October 24, 1960.

Over the next twenty years, Sherwood grew as a community from its original 714 residents to 2,754 in the 1970 U.S. Census. From 1970 to 1980 we tripled our population to over 10,000 citizens. The City of Sherwood has continued that rapid growth trend, and in the 2000 U.S. Census had 21,511 people. Since 1955 the City of Sherwood has accepted eighty-three annexations of land.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Mary Jo Heye-Townsell
Clerk/Treasurer Charlotte Watson
Assistant To Mayor Michelle Spoor
District Judge Milas "Butch" Hale III
City Attorney Stephen Cobb
Police Chief Jeff Hagar
Fire Chief John Sawyer
Director Of Public Works Brian Galloway
Sanitation Superintendent Steven Bain
Street Superintendent Robert Besaw
Wastewater Superintendent Scott Greenwood
Code Enforcement Officer Sheila Reynolds
Economic Development Director Joshua Alexander
Grants Administrator Kris Coven
Information Technology Director Cameron Snyder
Parks, Recreation Director Blake Calloway
Council Member April Broderick
Council Member Marina Brooks
Council Member Charlie Harmon
Council Member Kevin Lilly
Council Member Mike Sanders
Council Member Shelby Thomas
Council Member Kyle Wade
Council Member Beverly Williams
Finance Director Colleen Young
Human Resources Director Jill Ross

City Facts

County: Pulaski

Population: 32,731

Senate Districts: 29,30,34

House Districts: 37,38,39,40,41,42

Congressional District: 2

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 6256

Phone: (501) 835-5319

Fax: (501) 835-1274

First Monday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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