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Norman was originally called Womble, after its founders. It was a community that grew up two miles west of Black Springs, thriving community, when the railroad was drawn thru the area around the turn of the century, leading to big fights where and how the railroad should be built. The Womble Brothers realized that it was a good opportunity so they started selling land in the Womble area. In 1909 most businesses relocated from Black Springs to Womble.
Womble fought to become the county seat but lost and the courthouse was placed in Mount Ida instead. In 1917 the residents of Womble decided that they wanted to change the name of the town to Norman istead, thus leave all the bickering behind and get fresh start.
The little Caddo River, that runs alsmost right thru the town has flooded three times and caused destruction.
The City has had two hotels thru out its history which of one was turned into a boarding high school in the late 1970's, but it has now closed down.
The main sources of income for the 400 residents of Norman is agriculture, poultry and logging. But Norman has a lot of tourist during the spring and summer since it is beautiful for canoeing

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Tammy Whisenhunt
Recorder/Treasurer Ashley Collins
Fire Chief Rodney Standridge
Water Superintendent Donna Williams
Wastewater Superintendent Donna Williams
Council Member John Arenz
Council Member Bryan Bour
Council Member Irene "Deedee" Ethridge
Council Member Charles Hunt
Council Member Roy McKamie

City Facts

County: Montgomery

Population: 303

Senate District: 10

House District: 20

Congressional District: 4

Classification: Incorporated Town

Contact Information

P.O. Box 427
NORMAN, AR 71960

Phone: (870) 334-2400

Fax: (870) 334-2950

Second Thursday


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