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Murfreesboro has a population of about 1,700 and is most famous for its diamond field outside of the city.
It all began a hundred years ago, in 1906, when a farmer, John Wesley Huddleton, found two gems, one 1.4 carat and one 2.6 carat. He first tried to grind them and realized there was something special with the stones as the grinder took more damage that the gems.
He sold his lands for $36,000, to three men from Little Rock who wanted to get rich off the area. The let people pay to search for diamonds in the field and this created a diamond rush to Murfreesboro. The hotel in Murfreesboro had as many 10,000 people who they could not house, during just one year. A whole city of tents was established between Murfreesboro and the diamond-field. A small commercial plant was built and was very successful until 1919 when it was burned down and never rebuilt.
A Mr and Mrs Miller run the field under the name of "Crater of Diamonds" from 1951 and open to the public. The property beside the mine, who also had a lot of diamond hidden in its soil, also tried to get people to come to his field and a "billboard war" started. Finally in 1969 both properties were bought by General Earth minerals of Texas and turned it into a tourist attraction and later it became a state park.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Rodney Fagan
Recorder/treasurer Penny Lamb
Assistant To Mayor Carolyn Cox
District Judge Jessica Genter
City Attorney Jana Bradford
Police Chief Randy Lamb
Fire Chief Randy Lamb
Sanitation Superintendent Johnny Pruitt
Water Superintendent Randy Miller
Parks, Recreation Director Terry Jackson
Council Member (Vacant)
Council Member Jason Allmon
Council Member Mark Barnes
Council Member Betty O'Neal
Council Member Lynda Stone
Council Member Jeff Walls

City Facts

County: Pike

Population: 1,641

Senate District: 10

House District: 19

Congressional District: 4

Classification: Second Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 251

Phone: (870) 285-3732

Fax: (870) 285-2660

Second Monday


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