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Imboden's history begins in the 18th century when the Imboden family left Switzerland and settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They were four brothers, and all of the true pioneers; brave and adventurous. The family spread across the United States to Virginia, Illinois and Louisiana, but Benjamin Imboden moved to Cedar Creek, Missouri. By this time it was about 1820 and in 1829 Ben Imboden moved down to Arkansas, to the site of todays town of Imboden. He bought the land, 320 acres, in 1830 for $1,600.
After the railroad was laid out thru Imboden the town started growing and businesses popped up everywhere. Imboden's first hotel was built in 1883 or 1884 and was called the Strawn and the town got its first blacksmith in 1895. In 1905 several of Imboden's homes got electricity. The bakery that had been in Imboden since 1904 expanded its business in 1912 to also be selling groceries. The grocery-store closed and moved to Mammoth Springs after a fire in 1920. But he building remained and was turned into a movie theater in the 20's.
The school, churches and social services in Imboden were run by the women of the town.
Today Imboden has a population of about 650 people.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Chris Jones
Recorder/Treasurer Belinda Chappell
City Attorney Jerrod Slayton
Fire Chief (Vacant)
Director Of Public Works Nick Bagwell
Code Enforcement Officer Nick Bagwell
Council Member Joe Chappell
Council Member Preston Clark
Council Member Creston Hutton
Council Member Rebecca Jones
Council Member Dan Matthews

City Facts

County: Lawrence

Population: 640

Senate District: 20

House District: 60

Congressional District: 1

Classification: Second Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 487

Phone: (870) 869-2996

Fax: (870) 869-3577

Second Monday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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Online Services

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