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Blytheville was born in 1879 when Henry T. Blythe, Methodist minister, built a post office on the land where Blytheville stands today. In 1881 the minister started to sell land lots to settlers. Mississippi county had thousands of acres of trees back then and the demand for wood from the north was enormous after the great fire in Chicago in 1871. The city grew fast and was incorporated in 1889. According to records the city had a large and diverse population in 1890. As the forrest got more and more decimated the people of Blytheville started growing crops instead, cotton among others. Blytheville was a huge agricultural community until just 25 years ago when farming was mechanized and a lot of people lost their jobs. Instead there has been a growth in industry which is now a provider of employment for a big part of Blytheville's population of 18,000.
Blythe himself lived to be 88 years old, married five timed, was widowed five times, had nine children and was greatly powerful in Blytheville's economy, politics, school, church and court. He past away in 1903.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Melisa Logan
City Clerk Melody Lawson
Assistant To Mayor Dorothy Erby
District Judge Shannon Langston
City Attorney Chris Brown
Police Chief Ross Thompson
Fire Chief Mike Carney
Director Of Public Works Mark Key
Water Superintendent John Callens
Wastewater Superintendent Gary Carr
Code Enforcement Officer Ricky Jefferson
Council Member Jacquin Benson, Jr.
Council Member R.L. Jones
Council Member Barbara McAdoo-Brothers
Council Member Shirley Middlebrook Marshall
Council Member Linda Moore
Council Member Matt Perrin
Finance Director John Callens
Human Resources Director Alisha Williams

City Facts

County: Mississippi

Population: 13,406

Senate District: 22

House District: 54,55

Congressional District: 1

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

124 W. Walnut

Phone: (870) 763-3602

Fax: (870) 762-0443

Third Tuesday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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