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Little Rock

The rock, known by frontiersmen in frontier times as la petit roche and by the natives as "The Point of Rock", can be reached from Riverfront Park, downtown. A monument marker gives the history of the site.

The rock was a landmark used by bargemen, traders and trappers and was called the "little rock" to distinguish it from the "big rock" bluffs just upstream. These 150-foot bluffs overlook the river on the north bank about a dozen miles upstream from the little rock.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Frank D. Scott Jr.
City Manager Emily Cox
City Clerk Susan Langley
District Judge Vic Fleming
District Judge Mark Leverett
District Judge Melanie Martin
City Attorney Tom Carpenter
Police Chief Heath Helton
Fire Chief Delphone Hubbard
Director Of Public Works Jon Honeywell
Loss Control Director Kayla Dixon
Sanitation Superintendent Bernard Owens
Street Superintendent Bill Henry
Code Enforcement Officer Brian Contino
Director Of Community Development Dana Dossett
Grants Administrator Amanda Jones
Information Technology Director Abdoul Kabaou
Planning Director Jamie Collins
Director Of Neighborhood Planning Kevin Howard
Parks, Recreation Director Leland Couch
City Director Joan Adcock
City Director Lance Hines
City Director Dean Kumpuris
City Director Andrea Lewis
City Director Virgil Miller, Jr.
City Director Capi Peck
City Director Antwan Phillips
City Director Ken Richardson
City Director Kathy Webb
City Director B.J. Wyrick
Chief Of Staff Kendra Pruitt
Communications Director Aaron Sadler
Finance Director Nicholas Sarpy