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Lake Village

The first residents in Lake Village were pioneers from Missouri. When Lake Village was appointed county seat it was the fourth county seat Chicot had had. The two first ones had been washed away by the Mississippi River and the third one had been to far inland. Lake Village had a perfect location, not to far from the river, but not to close and beautifully located on the banks of lake Chicot. The town soon became popular for recreation and relaxation and the swamplands west of Lake Village were popular for hunters, fishers and trappers.
The town was incorporated in 1857. the town had no government to start with since the town had just built up around the county government with Saloons, stores, hotels and law offices.
Lake Village is known for being the place of the first night flight of one Charles A. Lindbergh, the first man to cross the Atlantic ocean nonstop in an airplane. This first night flight of his took place in April of 1923 and he had several passengers with him. there is still a monument in Lake Village marking the spot where he landed.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Eddy Bush
City Clerk Jean Wiley
Assistant To Mayor Byron Walker
District Judge Melinda French
City Attorney Jim Haddock
Police Chief Percy Wilburn
Fire Chief Sam Angel II
Street Superintendent Ronnie Wilson
Water Superintendent Johnny Williams
Wastewater Superintendent DeMurl Johnson
Code Enforcement Officer Robert Walker
Council Member Sam Angel II
Council Member Tori Green
Council Member Linda Haddock
Council Member Antonio Rucker
Council Member Sharon Walker
Council Member Adrian Wilson-Clark
Finance Director Gina Garner

City Facts

County: Chicot

Population: 2,065

Senate District: 26

House District: 11

Congressional District: 1

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 725

Phone: (870) 265-2228

Fax: (870) 265-5817

First Tuesday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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