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Heber Springs

Heber Springs got its name from Dr Heber Jones of Memphis, and from the mineral springs in the area that he discovered. The post office was originally just called Heber, because regulations at the time forbid post offices to have some words in them, there among "springs". But when the regulations were dropped, the post office, and the town, got the name Heber Springs.
Heber Jones was the son of John T. Jones, the owner of the land which the springs lay upon. The land was originally owned by four men: Jones, Collins, McKim and Lee. Together with Lee and Collins Jones started a company called "White Sulphur Spring Company". The Springs are now built into spring-houses, with signs that tell what mineral that specific spring contains. The seven springs are marked as: Red Sulfur, Black Sulfur, White Sulfur, Iron, Magnesia, Eye Water and Arsenic. According to its early owners the springs should have had curing effects, but today nobody believes that they cure any illnesses, especially not the one with arsenic.
The first time documentation of the springs are from 1815 in the Arkansas Gazette but back then they were called Potomac and during the Civil war the springs were better known as "Sulfur Springs".
heber Springs is the county seat of Cleburne county and has a population of about 6,700.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Kasey Griffin
City Clerk Vicki McPherson
District Judge Lance Wright
City Attorney Rebecca Prince
Police Chief Brian Haile
Fire Chief Ryan Herrin
Director Of Public Works Scott Habbley
Water Superintendent Paul Graham
Code Enforcement Officer Doug Perry
Parks, Recreation Director Josh Mayes
City Treasurer Keri Dickey
Council Member James Adams
Council Member Melissa Choate
Council Member Andy Echlin
Council Member JP Hodges
Council Member James Lay
Council Member Louis Short
Council Member Ali Sugg
Council Member Layne Tubbs
Human Resources Director Aimee Branscum
Human Resources Director Linda Fletcher

City Facts

County: Cleburne

Population: 6,969

Senate District: 18

House District: 66

Congressional District: 2

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 1019

Phone: (501) 362-3635

Fax: (501) 250-0844

Third Thursday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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