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Fort Smith

Fort Smith used to be the wild west of Arkansas. Fort Smith was originally a military outpost that had as its main goal to stop the Cherokee Indians and the Osage Indians to go to war against one another, since the Cherokee had been forced into the Osage' land. The first fort was founded on christmas day 1817. The actual fort was abandoned in 1824 and not re-occupied until 1838 but in the time being a small town was building up around the fort. The second fort of Fort Smith was built in the 1840's because of the fear of that indians would go to war against the settlers in Arkansas. The fort was also used for storage and as a outpost for military expeditions, adventurers and gold seekers. After the civil war Fort Smith started to loose its importance and in 1871 the forts were abandoned but instead the US Court for the western district of Arkansas was moved from Van Buren to Fort Smith. One year later the one of the forts came into use again, but not for military. Instead it was used as a court room and a jail.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor George McGill
City Clerk Sherri Gard
City Administrator Carl Geffken
Assistant To Mayor (Vacant)
District Judge Amy Grimes
District Judge Wendy Sharum
District Judge Samuel Terry
City Attorney Jerry Canfield
City Attorney Colby Roe
Police Chief Danny Baker
Fire Chief (Vacant)
Sanitation Superintendent Nicole Riley
Building Inspector Jimmie Deer
City Engineer Stan Snodgrass
Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Gard
Transit Director Ken Savage
Grants Administrator Chris Hoover
Information Technology Director James Gentry III
Planning Director Maggie Rice
Utility Manager Lance McAvoy
Parks, Recreation Director Sara Deuster
City Director Christina Catsavis
City Director George Catsavis
City Director Andre Good
City Director Neal Martin
City Director Lavon Morton
City Director Jarred Rego
City Director Kevin Settle
Deputy City Administrator Jeff Dingman
Finance Director Andrew Richards
Human Resources Director Rick Lolley

City Facts

County: Sebastian

Population: 89,142

Senate District: 8,9

House Districts: 21,75,76,77,78,79

Congressional District: 3

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

623 Garrison Ave.

Phone: (479) 784-2201

Fax: (479) 784-2430

First and Third Tuesday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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