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Eureka Springs

Eureka is greek and means "I have found it". But when Dr Alvah Jackson found the springs with healing water in the mountains of northwest Arkansas, he was not the one to discover it. The waters healing powers had been known by Native American tribes for centuries. According to legend a blind indian princess got her eye sight back from bathing her eyes in the water. Also Jackson's son was healed from his eye ailment in 1856 and from then jackson bottled as medicine. During the civil war it was used at Dr. Jackson's Cave Hospital and post war it was sold under the name "Dr. Jackson's eye water".
In 1879 Eureka Springs' magic water became famous state wide when a friend of Dr. Jackson, Judge J. B. Saunders, was cured from his crippling disease by the water. All of a sudden people were coming from all over to be healed and a village of tents and shafts was built up in a hurry. On July 4th the same year, Eureka Springs was officially founded. The population late that year reached 10 000 and in 1881 it was the fourth largest City in Arkansas.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Robert "Butch" Berry
Clerk/Treasurer Ida Meyer
Assistant To Mayor Kim Stryker
District Judge Dale Ramsey
City Attorney Forrest Jacobi
Police Chief Billy Floyd
Fire Chief Gary Inman
Director Of Public Works Simon Wiley
Code Enforcement Officer Jacob Coburn
Transit Director Keri Smith
Director Of Community Development Kyle Palmer
Parks, Recreation Director Sam Dunley
Council Member David Avanzino
Council Member Melissa Greene
Council Member Steve Holifield
Council Member Terry McClung
Council Member Harold "Harry" Meyer
Council Member Autumn Slane
Finance Director Michael Akins
Human Resources Director Jerry King

City Facts

County: Carroll

Population: 2,166

Senate District: 5

House District: 97

Congressional District: 3

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

44 S. Main

Phone: (479) 253-9703

Fax: (479) 253-6967

Second and Fourth Monday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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