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El Dorado

El Dorado is Spanish and means "the gilded one" and the town was maybe named by its first resident, Matthew F. Rainey. According to saying he was an adventurer who's wagon, one day in 1843, broke down in south east Arkansas. Since he couldn't find replacements parts to mend the wagon he had to sell all his possessions. The sale went well, so he decided to open a shop there. Not long after that the new little town was chosen to be Union County's new county seat. El Dorado was incorporated in 1851. At this time cotton growers started to settle in El Dorado and build up plantations. From 1890 to 1920 El Dorado grew from a population of 455 to about 4 000. In 1921 however, oil was found just south of El Dorado and over the next few weeks El Dorado's population grew to more than 20 000. Just ten months after oil was found, 460 wells had been drilled already and 10 million barrels of oil had been pumped up. After the boom El Dorado tried to become a real town, not just an oil camp. A down town was built and the El Dorado-Union County attracts visitors to this day.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer
City Clerk Heather McVay
City Attorney Henry Kinslow
Police Chief Kenny Hickman
Fire Chief Chad Mosby
Director Of Public Works Robert Edmonds
Water Superintendent John Peppers
Wastewater Superintendent John Peppers
Code Enforcement Officer Kirby Craig
Code Enforcement Officer Santana Parlor
City Treasurer Trena Dean
Council Member Billy Blann
Council Member Paul Choate
Council Member Dianne Hammond
Council Member Willie McGhee
Council Member Mike Rice
Council Member Andre Rucks
Council Member Judy Ward
Council Member John Vance Williamson
Human Resources Director Pierce Moore

City Facts

County: Union

Population: 18,884

Senate District: 27

House District: 6,7

Congressional District: 4

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 2170

Phone: (870) 881-4877

Fax: (870) 881-4164

First and Third Thursday After First Monday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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