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Cherokee Village

Cherokee Village was founded in 1954 by a Mr John A. Cooper Sr. He wanted a city that was like a city, but close to the beautiful nature of Sharp and Fulton Counties. Cherokee Village has become a model for retirement communities in the US.
In 1969 the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District that got responsibility for fire protection, maintaining roads and streets and recreational facilities.
Mr Cooper sold the holdings of the village to Mr and Mrs Eben Dagget, owners of Dagget Development Corporation, in 1992.
In 1997 the people in Cherokee Village tried to get the City incorporated. It is located right in between Sharp and Fulton counties, and it applied for incorporation in Sharp county first, but was denied and therefor tried with Fulton instead. The petition was granted, but only for the part located in Fulton. So in January 1998 Cherokee Village West was incorporated into Fulton County. In April the same year the two sides of where united as City of Cherokee Village with a population of about 4,600.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Steven Rose
City Clerk Penny Trumpy
District Judge Mark Johnson
City Attorney Jon Abele
Police Chief Monte Lane
Fire Chief Kal Dienst
Street Superintendent Joey Sheets
Water Superintendent Thomas Thornton
Building Inspector Charlie Akers
City Treasurer Deborah Weichinger
Council Member Heather Harrison
Council Member Eddie Ishmael
Council Member Peter Martin
Council Member Pam Rowland
Council Member Rob Smith
Council Member Jeff Tatum
Council Member Rachel Tatum
Council Member Steve Thompson

City Facts

County: Sharp

Population: 4,780

Senate District: 19

House District: 60,61

Congressional District: 1

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 129

Phone: (870) 257-5522

Fax: (870) 257-5524

Third Thursday

Web Site: Official Web Site


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