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Bella Vista

In 1915 rev. William S. Baker and his wife, Mary, decided to make a summer resort out of thier land in Northern Araknsas. This was the birth of Bella Vista. The name was made up by a Mrs. George Crowder of Bentonville. In 1917 the Bakers sold the resort to the Linebarger Brothers of Dallas. They developed the resort and Bella Vista opened for tourist in June the same year. The business went very well during the 20's and during this time a golf course and a swimming pool were built. But the great depression and World War II resulted in that Bella Vista got less visitors and in 1952 the resort was sold to an other Texan, E.L. Keith. Keith fixed up the resort and in 64, he sold it to John A. Cooper, Sr. Cooper turned Bella Vista into, not only a summer resort, but also a home for retirees and wealthy. Thru out the course of the next 35 years Bella Vista grew from a small summer Resort to the town with a population of about 15 000 that it is today.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor John Flynn
City Clerk Wanda Krug
Assistant To Mayor Wendi Hardina
District Judge Ray Bunch
City Attorney Jason Kelley
Police Chief James Graves
Fire Chief Steve Sims
Street Superintendent Karen Hunt
Director Of Community Development Doug Tapp
Information Technology Director John Moeckel
Communications Director Cassi Lapp
Council Member Doug Fowler
Council Member Craig Honchell
Council Member Wendy Hughes
Council Member Jerry Snow
Council Member Larry Wilms
Council Member James "Jim" Wozniak
Finance Director Kim Hall
Human Resources Director Glenda Kelderman

City Facts

County: Benton

Population: 30,104

Senate Districts: 1,2,3

House District: 92,95

Congressional District: 3

Classification: First Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 5655

Phone: (479) 876-1255

Fax: (479) 876-1734

Fourth Monday

Web Site: Official Web Site


Online Services

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