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Cave City

Cave City was until 1994 the largest city in Sharp county.
The city was established under the name of Loyal in 1880. the name was changed in 1890 to Cave City because the only way to access to Crystal River was thru a cave located close to the center of the town. Crystal River is rather dead of life, other than a species of eyeless fish, and the river seems to have no flow.
Cave City is famous for its watermelons that they claim to be the sweetest in the world. The watermelons are celebrated every August with a watermelon festival.
Cave city has a population of about 2000.

City Officials

Position Name
Mayor Ron Burge
Recorder (Vacant)
Financial Director Gary Guthrie
Police Chief Brian Barnett
Fire Chief Ronny Milligan
Wastewater Superintendent Jim Smith
Code Enforcement Officer Justin Wilson
Parks, Recreation Director Scottie Perkey
Alderman John Ables
Alderman Jonas Anderson
Alderman Melanie Cheshier
Alderman Richard Hawkins II
Alderman Eddie Johnson
Alderman Dale King
Alderman Hanna Smith
Alderman Tammy Smith

City Facts

County: Sharp

Population: 1,904

Senate District: 19

House District: 62,63

Congressional District: 1

Classification: Second Class City

Contact Information

P.O. Box 69

Phone: (870) 283-5455

Fax: (870) 283-5103

Fourth Tuesday

Email: cityhall@cavecity.us

School Districts

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